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This work is snapshot of the current ephemeral state of our lives as influenced by social media. Random moments across online platforms are photographed directly through the digital screen capturing split seconds in the stream of social media consciousness. These fragments are coalesced inside the construction of a three dimensional polyhedral object giving an odd permanence to a world where everything is meant for the now, but forgotten five minutes later as read about the horrors of the world whilst simultaneously tweeting about a skinny latte and a doughnut. The polyhedral shape partly mimics the ancient perceived ‘elemental’ structure of all living things but its glass like surface and angular points presents an object that might be either too sharp to touch or in danger of breaking.

The reflective surfaces of the work at times place the viewer inside the work, raising the question – What are we really looking at when we view other people’s online lives, and how is this influencing and reflecting upon our perceptions of our own lives?

Endlessly searching for the perfect cl**king moment, 2015. Printed acetate, mirror board, acrylic mirror, mirror vinyl, 450mm x 450mm x 450mm

Exhibited at the mac, Birmingham, 2015